About the Owners

Tina Tiainen, a Finnish-born dog enthusiast, multimedia artist, and experienced pet care worker founded Puppy Love as a brand in 2013 with her line of handmade wool pet toys. She shares 4 dogs with her husband, Adam Tiainen. Along with being a full-time "dog mama", Tina has professional experience working as a Senior Dog Handler in a daycare setting, dog walking, dog sitting, and working at a veterinary hospital in California. With extensive research, inspiration, and experience, Tina began building her dream doggie empire "Puppy Love" from the ground up in 2012. Along the way she joined creative forces with "dog daddy" Adam, who specializes in art and animation. The power-couple produced many educational videos for Youtube, including "Puppy Love: Guide to Pugs" which has helped tens of thousands of viewers to learn about caring for the dog breed. With the Puppy Love project going full steam ahead, Tina's parents Risto and Sinikka got on board and offered land on the family farm to use and they helped to build our daycare facility. Today, Adam & Tina's Puppy Love Doggie Daycare is fulfilling dreams not just of it's creators, but of the happy dogs and dog owners that are created each day because of it.

Puppy Love Owners

About the Resident Dog Pack


Hug-a-Pug is the eldest of our dogs, she has acquired mild Youtube fame, and she is the Puppy Love mascot. She reins supreme as the dog pack matriarch, acting as moderator of the other dog's energetic play. Bear, the Olde English Bulldog, is the 2nd oldest pooch in the pack. His hobbies include playing tetherball, napping, and licking Hug-a-Pug. Goblin and Shy are English Setter/Pit Bull mix sisters from the same litter, as you can tell by their often synchronous movements. Goblin's specialty is running fast and getting others to chase her. Shy takes a special liking to toys, and can sometimes be seen throwing toys for herself to catch.