Adam & Tina's Puppy Love Doggie Daycare LLC
(referred to as "Puppy Love")
2391 Mehaffey Bridge Road NE North Liberty, IA 52317

Trimmed Nails

I agree to keep my dog's nails trimmed reasonably short and smooth. This minimizes scratch injuries, broken nails, and protects flooring from damage. Long nails can also cause permanent deformities and make it difficult for dogs to walk. If my dog's nails are deemed too long by Puppy Love staff, they may trim them for a fee of $5*, or I may request a nail trim for the same cost at any time. To stay within guidelines, a dog's nails should not touch the ground or make sounds as they walk on hard surfaces. Nails should not have any sharp points which could break a human’s skin.

Good Length

Good Length

Too Long

Too Long


Puppy Love reserves the right to bathe my dog if staff deems it appropriate. Do not have a dog attend daycare after topical medications are administered, or if there is a reason the dog cannot be bathed. There may be a fee between $5-20* if a dog purposefully contaminates itself or arrives contaminated and needs a bath. Exit baths are also available upon request for $10*.


Due to noise ordinance laws, loud and/or excessive barking is not allowed. In order to comply with the law, I agree that an adjustable fabric muzzle may be used on my dog to reduce barking if it becomes problematic and no other methods to stop the barking were successful. If my dog damages a muzzle belonging to Puppy Love, I agree to pay a $10* fee to replace the damaged equipment. I reserve the option to provide a well fitting fabric muzzle for my dog to wear during daycare. A well fitting muzzle will allow enough space for a dog to pant. If a muzzle must be used to prevent barking, adequate breaks from the device will be given to allow my dog to drink water freely.

Safety Collars

In order to maximize safety, each dog in daycare will be fitted with a velcro safety collar which can be quickly removed by staff if a dog ever becomes entangled. Safety collars created by Puppy Love will display your dog's name, medical warnings, and vaccination status. Regular collars, harnesses, and other items that pose a risk of injury will be removed during playtime and kept on a named hook in the lobby. There will be a one-time materials fee of $25* per dog to cover safety collars. Dogs may go collarless if they are under 10 pounds or have a medical excuse to not wear a collar.


I agree to keep my dog/s controlled on a leash while on Puppy Love property indoors and outdoors. I will keep my dog/s at a distance from others in order to maintain a safe and respectful environment.

Property Destruction

If my dog purposely destroys Puppy Love property, I agree to pay a fee of between $5 to $25 for damages. This excludes damage to toys which were intended to be chomped upon.


I agree that Puppy Love staff reserves the right to use behavioral modification tools and techniques in order to maintain a safe and controlled environment. As a dog owner, I agree to spend time with my dog at home to encourage positive and healthy behavior that will lead to success in daycare. I will discourage my dog/s from barking excessively, biting or putting their teeth on humans, and I will discourage my dog/s from jumping up on people in order to prevent injury to Puppy Love staff or other people my dog may encounter. To help tone down unwanted behaviors, I will walk my dog and provide regular exercise. If my dog displays behavior that is not in harmony with daycare culture, I may be asked to remove my dog from daycare until the inharmonious behavior can be proven to be corrected.

Food & Medicine

I will write my dog’s name clearly on their food container if they are to eat a meal while at Puppy Love. Because there may be multiple dogs with the same name, I will include my dog’s first and last name on the container. If there is a specific time to feed, I will include the feeding time on the container also. If the container I’ve provided has more than one meal in it, I will leave written feeding instructions on the container. If my dog will take a prescription medication while at Puppy Love, I will provide it in it’s original container which indicates the medication’s name, patient name, and dosing instructions. If the medication must be taken with a meal, I will indicate that information on my dog’s food container. Nonprescription medication can be labeled and kept along with the food container.

Guest Rules

For the safety of the dogs and people at Puppy Love, I agree not to approach, touch, or excite other dogs. I will not attempt to reach into fenced areas or enter them without direct permission and supervision from Puppy Love staff. I will not disturb the peace by honking a vehicle’s horn, allowing my dog to bark excessively while under my control, or shouting. Because Puppy Love is on private land, I agree to not trespass into accessory buildings or wander beyond the areas designated for Puppy Love guests. If I bring any guests to Puppy Love, I agree to instruct them of these rules of conduct.

No Call, No Show Fee

I agree to bring my dog to all scheduled appointments that I have reserved. If for some reason my dog cannot attend a scheduled appointment, I agree to call Puppy Love as soon as possible to cancel the appointment. If I fail to cancel the appointment and my dog does not attend, I agree to still pay the full cost of the reservation. If I am significantly late for an appointment and fail to notify Puppy Love, the cost of the original scheduled appointment will still be applied regardless of what time my dog arrives. Keeping Puppy Love up to date about changes to my dog's schedule can give opportunities for other dogs to fit into the play schedule, and it helps staff to plan their next course of action.

Contamination During Transport

If my dog contaminates it’s environment at home or it’s kennel during transport, there will be a $5 to $20* cleaning fee depending on the severity of the mess.

Switch to Online Scheduling

To make scheduling more reliable and to free up Puppy Love staff from the phone lines, online scheduling is now the preferred way to make appointments. I can log on to to request an appointment and then I will receive an email back notifying me if the request was approved or not. I understand that submitting a request is not considered an actual appointment until I have received an email confirming that an appointment has been booked. Without confirmation of an appointment, my dog may likely be turned away due to no vacancy. Reservations are first-come, first-serve. For same-day or last minute emergency reservations, phone calls are acceptable.

*Prices subject to change